Saturday, October 16, 2010

Adaptations of Braces

Braces were originally designed to hold up pants. As Alan Flusser states, “Trousers were originally made to be worn with suspenders, which held them on the waist, not the hips, and that is where they look and hang best.”

Braces were then attached to skirts, as they also need support.

In recent years, braces have also been added to other articles of clothing such as vests and skirts.

Or adaptations on the braces themselves. Such as 

  • Wing-tips on the braces

    • Fur braces

    Regardless of where braces are used, more people should start wearing them!

    Discussion time:
    • Do you wear braces on other items of clothing, besides pants and skirts?
    Note: all photos are used solely for non-commercial use and to illustrate braces in fashion. No plagiarism is intended.

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