Thursday, November 25, 2010

Braces width

The width of braces is a key factor in wearing braces. They can be for functional purposes (generally a larger width), or for style (generally a narrower width). However, the width should be proportional to your body size. For example, the braces below are too wide for this overall outfit and do not fit her frame proportionately. Narrower suspenders should have been used. (Not to mention that the shorts should use button on braces instead of clip-on suspenders).

You can sometimes push the edge of the wide verses thin, depending on the rest of the outfit. Take the following example below. As the bowtie is exaggerated and the pants are super high waisted, the larger suspender straps fit the body.
Appropriate proportions

The width is proportional to the shorts

With that in mind, the width also varies based on the type of the outfit. For instance, for business suits, the straps are generally 1 or 1.25 inches, as shown below. However, given the smaller size of this gentlemen, the straps appear out of proportion - he would be better suited for thinner straps.
Braces for suits are generally wider

For modern wear in 2010, the width is narrow – generally 0.5 inches. Both are acceptable and depend on the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Some people may feel that smaller width braces bind when wearing them, while wider ones feel unnatural and uncomfortable. So make sure you try out different widths and see what feels best for you.

Discussion time:
  • What width of braces do you wear?
  • Do you find larger width braces uncomfortable?
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