Thursday, November 25, 2010

Braces width

The width of braces is a key factor in wearing braces. They can be for functional purposes (generally a larger width), or for style (generally a narrower width). However, the width should be proportional to your body size. For example, the braces below are too wide for this overall outfit and do not fit her frame proportionately. Narrower suspenders should have been used. (Not to mention that the shorts should use button on braces instead of clip-on suspenders).

You can sometimes push the edge of the wide verses thin, depending on the rest of the outfit. Take the following example below. As the bowtie is exaggerated and the pants are super high waisted, the larger suspender straps fit the body.
Appropriate proportions

The width is proportional to the shorts

With that in mind, the width also varies based on the type of the outfit. For instance, for business suits, the straps are generally 1 or 1.25 inches, as shown below. However, given the smaller size of this gentlemen, the straps appear out of proportion - he would be better suited for thinner straps.
Braces for suits are generally wider

For modern wear in 2010, the width is narrow – generally 0.5 inches. Both are acceptable and depend on the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Some people may feel that smaller width braces bind when wearing them, while wider ones feel unnatural and uncomfortable. So make sure you try out different widths and see what feels best for you.

Discussion time:
  • What width of braces do you wear?
  • Do you find larger width braces uncomfortable?
Note: all photos are used solely for non-commercial use and to illustrate braces in fashion. No plagiarism is intended.


    1. please continue with these blogs!
      Do you happen to have any photos of the Arden B pinstripe suspender pants from the website or catalogue from a few years back? if so, please post them in your blog or my group, thanks!

    2. Great blog, I have written a blog about braces myself

      1. Thanks coffeeandcountries! I enjoyed reading your post. Suspenders provide exceptional support for your trousers. However, as your experience highlights, the trousers should be held up with button-on braces, rather than clips. They offer more secure connection.
        Continue wearing and enjoying the suspenders.

    3. i wear all widths. they're all comphy and cool.

    4. I have worn braces all my life and therefore own many pairs. I generally prefer rather wide braces with heavier trousers and less wide when worn with suits. Also I like braces that were made in the forties and fifties rather then the modern pairs. I own two pairs of vintage suspenders made by the Paris Suspender Co.I also prefer all elastic braces as opposed to just the back strap being elastic.

    5. I wear any width really , I much prefer button ons but do wear clip ons. I like elastic best I only have 1 pair of silk ones but the elastic ones feel more secure and I love to pull/snap my braces.


    6. The wider the braces the more comfortable they feel across the torso.Proper elastic braces are the only ones that really do the job properly.Originally I wore clip ons but since converting to button ons I have found that they do a better job as well as looking more stylish.Anyone who has never worn braces should try them,you will be amazed how good they feel.

      1. @luvmybraces: Yes, button-on braces do a better job supporting the pants. I did a blog post on this a while ago describing the connection points that braces provide that clip-on suspenders do not have.
        Share your love of braces with others!

      2. I disagree that button braces do a better job support pants. I have both and while I do wear the button on braces when I wear a suit, I do tend to wear suspenders for everything else. I live in a warmer climate than England and working in an industry where result suits are not unknown but pretty uncommon except for special occasions.

        There seem to be two issues with clip-ons that people have talked about, clips slipping off and clamp area on the pants waist line getting ruined. I've had very good luck with the clip on suspenders with the nylon inserts. I cant remember the last time one of them slipped off and while the clip does leave am impression mark on the pants, the mark disappears when the pants are dry cleaned or washed. I think the key is to buy the type with the nylon insert in the clip rather than the cheaper ones that are just a metal claw. The metal claw type does tend to slip and does do a number, over time on the pants waist line. I banished those to goodwill several years ago.

        All that said, at the end of the day both work well.


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