Saturday, September 18, 2010

Who can wear braces?

Anyone! Young, old, tall, short, male or female, fat or slim, everyone should wear braces. Recall the previous discussion about placing the pants at the waist rather than on the hips. This allows the pants to smoothly pass over the stomach bulge (however small) that occurs (refer to previous blog).

Additionally, people that don’t have hips are almost required to wear braces. They cannot wear belts, as their pants will constantly slip down and eventually end up at their ankles. As a result, they have turned to braces.

For ladies, wearing braces can be awkward, due to their … assets. This is where button placement is key (refer to previous blog). The shoulder straps should come down from the shoulders and pass on the outer sides of the assets.
The buttons are too close to
the middle seam
The buttons are to far apart
from the middle seam

Tyra Banks weighs in on the topic on Access Hollywood Live. I disagree with her comment that the suspenders should be on top. If you notice, the left strap shifts to the side by the end of the video clip showing that they should be positioned to the side. Tyra has worn suspenders before:

As well as on her own show in December 2010.

Ladies wishing to wear braces should try to position the buttons as close to the main pleat as possible, so that the pants or skirt are adequately supported. Too far to the side seam and the pants will droop in the middle. Too close to the middle seam and it will squish the assets (refer to previous photo). The braces illustrated by Vixen Vintage below are worn correctly and look stunning.

Women have been adopting menswear for a number of years, and I think it can be very fashionable. In 2010, Lena Hoschek has a fabulous Fall/Winter 2010 line hits it right on the button – this is how braces are meant to be worn by women.

Remember that pants to be worn with braces should always be worn a little larger at the waist so that they are actually "suspended" from the shoulders. But avoid going too far, as shown here:

This man needs to wear braces to support his pants. He does look fashionable for his time.

As Alan Flusser points out, “Perhaps the only person who might encounter some difficulty wearing suspenders is someone with sharply sloped shoulders. In such a case, the back fork of the suspenders can be raised to compensate. This may be accomplished simply by using the excess material from the hem of the trousers to make tabs that can be sewn to the back, thereby effectively raising the fork higher on the back, which in turn will keep the suspenders from sliding.”
The brace junction is higher to compensate
for this ladies sloped shoulders

Braces are also used for these shorts/skirt to hold them up:

Discussion time:
  • What about you?
  • Are you wearing braces?

Note: all photos are used solely for non-commercial use and to illustrate braces in fashion. No plagiarism is intended.


  1. I'm wearing red and blue button on braces this afternoon.

  2. wear a pair of lighgt or dark denim shorts BUT NOT COLOURED ive made that misteke this should look good with a plain white tee

  3. Where do I find for purchase the ones in the last photo: Camel cuffed comical shorts up over the chest with chocolate brown braces and brown and white boxy plaid long sleeved shirt?

  4. I am currently wearing a pair of high waisted denim shorts with black button on braces,black and white stiped knee high socks,and black Converse.A casual look which I wear often during warmer months.The striped socks go perfectly with the Converse.

    1. @Anonymous: thanks for sharing your outfit. That sounds fantastic for warmer weather.

  5. I am wearing braces.Today I am wearing them with a simple pair of denim shorts that are a fraction too big around the waist which makes it essential for me to wear braces with them.My braces are black button on x back style.I am wearing them with a plain white t shirt,long socks and brown leather sandals.An old school look which may be seen as somewhat unfashionable by many.However to me it is a sensible and practical option for the hot summer weather and suitable for most occasions.It is also extremely comfortable which to me is far more important than fashion.

  6. Before I knew my husband I did'nt wear braces or straps with my trousers or skirts,but when I first knew my husband and having been in Germany 3 years and bringing back a lederhosen with the matching straps and the leather piece acros the brests I said looking at him well he's looks good in his short leather shorts with the leather straps on so on...!and we met and finaly we got married ,and I liked my husband to put on "his lederhosen" in a black shinny leather,and the following year he had the idea that we go and spend 2 weeks holiday in Germany where he had been And I answerd Okay!,and it was along the Lake of Constance and to my surprise I saw a lot of boys,men and women wearing this outfit ,and I liked them straight away,I don't know it was well holding,sportif,and sexy too,and as ther were shops all around selling them ,and usualy hung up outside I picked a lovely "red shinny one " ,with the flap in front with 6 big horn buttons in front and 2 in the back along with the matching nice and thick leather suspenders and the piece that come's across your breasts and I tried it on and I really liked it straight away !So confortable,practical and it not only fitted men and children but for women it looked very "sexy" + i bought the special thick heavy shoes laces on the side ,long white socks too aswell as a green hat with a feather ,,and since then i always like to dress up like that ,the years have passe and today having a boy and a girl ( twins) 12 years on thet too are dresseed in the same manner ,so each year when we go over there fot our holidays all 4 of us dress up yhat way ( a matter of fact this outfit is worn not only in germany bur also in austria,switzerland,and south tyrol in northen italy too)It has such a wonderfull succes !all the holiday makers from all around the worls just love wearing them too! And of course back home when we go out walking,Hicking,or even shopping we love to put them on too !It's such a lovely feeling you should try it! letting alon the prices 45 euros each ,'( children like adults )!


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