Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brace Materials

Braces are meant to support your pants. Therefore, as little movement in the braces is desired. However, no movement will mean that there’s no flexibility, and the buttons could pop-off more easily. Therefore, balance is needed in the level of stretch in the braces.

•    Traditionalists will claim that box-cloth is the only true material. They are made of durable material, but don’t stretch very much when wearing them.

•    Certain elastic braces can be suitable, when they are firm and retain their shape. I generally prefer firm elastic braces that have some give.

•   There's also braided braces. These are bulky, like wearing two belts running down your shoulders, and appear uncomfortable.

•    Pants or skirts may also have fabric braces, which are made from the same material as the bottoms. These could include denim material. Fabric doesn’t stretch very much, and so do not provide the necessary movement when wearing them. But they do make a good fashion statement!

Regardless of the material, the back strap of the braces is generally elastic. This is to provide stretch in the area it is most needed – the back half for bending over.

You may not want to get the super stretchy braces, like those shown below, unless you are planning to do some major stretching!
Discussion time:
  • What brace materials do you prefer?
Note: all photos are used solely for non-commercial use and to illustrate braces in fashion. No plagiarism is intended.


    1. I have one pair of silk braces which are ok, I much prefer elastic braces though for security and comfort and also they feel better and have some give in them !!!

    2. I agree, elastic braces are more comfortable and secure, and have more stretch.

    3. I agree also. i love the elastic style the best. but some times there is a need for a different fabric. With work sometimes there are formal events i attend. sometimes a formal dress has to be worn but as i am a pants gal i mainly choose to wear a suit or similar styling to a tux. i have 2 "tuxedo" styles black and also in white and both wideleg with satin down each leg. so if im in them then i wear satin ones to match. these are comfortable but more so i love the look of them. i do have a fabric pair, a denim pair and also a couple of leather ones. out of them all the elastic is best and the worst is the leather. I have recently ordered a pair of red velvet albert thurstons from bromleys and cant wait for them to come and look forward to wearing them to work.

      1. @Anonymous: Thanks for sharing. Do you have any photos of your braces, and the different fabric? I'd love to see the tuxedo style pants with braces.

    4. A great discussion of braces - though I can't agree with the consensus regarding fully elasticated braces: I much prefer a cloth/ elastic mix - with the elastic being restricted to the lower back only. Nice wide barathea straps and well placed buttons takes care of the comfort and security aspects.

    5. Would you happen to know from which year Nylon started getting used in Braces ? I have some New Albert Thurston Barathea braces which are a Nylon Cotton Blend . But they are rigid ( only the back is elastic ) . In particular , would you happen to know what year or decade Albert Thurston started making Braces using Nylon ?
      And we're the first nylon braces elasticated or non elastic ?


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