Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stories about Braces

Everyone has them: stories about braces. It could be their first experience, the first time a button popped off, or people’s comments when they see you wearing braces. I’m interested in hearing your stories.

To get you thinking, here's two stories from newspapers:
Swank Injured By Suspenders In Freak Set Accident
06 January 2007

Actress HILARY SWANK needed stitches while shooting new movie P.S., I LOVE YOU when she was hit by a co-star's suspenders. The Oscar winner was acting opposite movie husband GERARD BUTLER in the film when his braces snapped and hit Swank in the forehead. She says, "It came undone and flung across the room and hit me in the forehead... I had stitches. "Blood is trickling down my head and it left a perfect suspender mark - you know, the jagged edge of a suspender and then the straight edge."

This would have never happened if Gerard was wearing button-on braces. Be ware of clip-on suspenders!

Suspenders save Life
From November 9, 1918

His heavy suspenders saved Horace Gibbs, of No. 1125 Clover street, from being killed in Camden by Emanuel McKimm of No 742 Sycamore street. When McKimm was arraigned before Recorder Stackhouse yesterday on a charge of firing teh shot, Gibbs showed where the bullet plowed through his vest and shirt and then was stopped by steel in the suspenders.
It was explained that when Gibbs was taken to the Cooper hospital the bullet fell to the floor as the physicians were about to probe for it. The accused man was committed to jail in default of $1,000 bail. The two had quarred about a trivial matter.

Wear suspenders - it may save your life!

You may also want to check out this story.

Start wearing braces, no matter what your friends say!

Discussion time:
  • Share your stories!
  • Any memories from your first time?
  • Any humorous stories?
  • Any stories of the first time a button popped off, or a suspender snapped off?
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  1. I remember a night not too long ago when my wife and I were a a charity dance.I was wearing a dark grey suit with bright red suspenders holding up my trousers.My wife is not a big fan of suspenders and was always telling me to keep my coat buttoned so no one would notice them.
    At one point the M/C announced that a $100.00 gift cetificate would be awarded to the woman who's husband was wearing suspenders.(I don't think that they felt anyone would win this as most men wear belts.)To my great surprise and embaresment my wife raises her hand to tell the M/C that I indeed was wearing suspenders.
    We were called to the podium where the man told my wife that in order for her to win the prize(I believe it was for a womens dress shop)that I would have to remove my coat,which I did revealing my bright red suspenders.
    I later asked my wife what in the world made her tell eveyone there that I wore suspenders.She,who was always opposed to them,told me it was worth it to get that certificate.
    She has less opposed lately to my wearing of them and just last week she got me a new pair of red and white striped suspenders.Just goes to show the power of cerificates,if it is for a woman.

    1. @Anonymous: Thanks for your personal story. It goes to show that it pays to wear suspenders!

      Some people, such as your wife, may not like suspenders. But that doesn't mean they won't eventually realize the benefits to wearing them. Not only did you get the gift certificate, you enjoyed the benefit of not having to pull up your pants or adjust them throughout the night at the charity dance. So keep on wearing them proudly!

  2. One of the fun things about suspenders is that they are usually rare enough that people do tend to notice someone wearing them. I’ve used that fact on occasion to help people looking for me by telling them to look for the guy wearing suspenders. Apparently I’m not the only one that has done that.

    Several years ago, I was sitting at a crowded restaurant bar in NYC watching a basketball game. I had been generally minding my own business until a very well dressed woman sat down next to me. I didn’t think much of it until she looked me straight in the eye, put out her hand out and said “Hi, I’m Rachael”. This just doesn’t happen often to me, actually it never happens. Not wanting to be rude I shook her hand and said “Hi” as well. I was shocked, when without any prompting she started talking very fast; telling me all about her, the weather, how good the food was at the restaurant we were at was and many other topcis. Obviously she was very nervous and I was a little confused.

    After a few minutes of chatter it became clear that she was expecting to meet someone and she thought I was that someone. When I could finally get a word in I asked Rachael if she had been expecting to meet someone at the restaurant. She looked puzzled for moment and then the light went on for her. The story was that she was on a blind date for cocktails with a friend of a friend. She reached out and plucked one of my suspender straps and told me that her perspective date had told her she could recognize him because he would be wearing suspenders. When she walked in, I was the only one in the establishment that fit the description so she had mistaken me for him. The perspective date was late, traffic I found out later, and just hadn’t showed up yet.

    With that minor mystery solved I offered to keep her company until her date did materialize. I bought her a cocktail and we had very enjoyable conversation and we connected while she waited. All too soon from my point of view a well dressed man in tie, suspenders with a suit coat draped over his arm showed up. Rachael went and joined him at a table, but not before giving me her card with her phone number on the back. Thinking that the encounter was over I went back to watching the basketball game.

    Perhaps an hour later my suspenders got snapped lightly from the back. When I turned Rachael was there with drink in hand and told me she liked my suspenders better than her perspective date’s so would I please take her to dinner.

    1. @Anonymous: Thanks for your story. I bet there are similar stories of people mistaking others because they are wearing suspenders.

      The moral of the story is: display your suspenders or braces in public ... you may end up meeting a date!


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