Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Snapping Your Braces

Ever since elastic was used as a materials for braces, people have been snapping the brace straps. Be it by yourself or by others, this is a fun fashion accessory to play with.

Elastic braces provide the flexibility to support your pants, but also give someone an easy opportunity to inflict some pain. The person pulling the brace straps always has a smile on their face.

People snapping your braces shouldn’t deter you from wearing them though. It’s part of the territory of wearing braces.

One could wear non-stretch brace, such as braid, leather, or cloth, but these then perform poorly when the individual bends down or stretches.

Brace straps are frequently used for hanging on - for example, in piggy back rides.

Or similarly, this man’s braces are likely being used to anchor his sons' ride.

Some people snap their own braces.

So go ahead snap your braces. And if someone else does it for you, treat it as a pat on the back!

Maybe you just like to hook your thumbs behind your braces. This is very comfortable!

Or even your whole arm!

One things for sure, they make for a good hand-hold for kissing.

Discussion time:
  • Do people snap your braces?
  • What do you do when someone snaps your braces, especially from the back?
  • Do you like to hook your thumbs behind your braces? 
Note: all photos are used solely for non-commercial use and to illustrate braces in fashion. No plagiarism is intended.


    1. I love to snap my braces it feels great!! hubby snaps mine and I also like to hook my thumbs behind them. I am not keen on materials than elastic as this feels more secure on my trousers!!!

    2. My wife likes to snap my suspenders.She has been doing this since we first met many years ago.I guess she likes the sound the suspenders make when she snaps them.

    3. I always get my braces snapped. One time, in school, the older boys all ganged up on me, lifted me up and hung me from a hook really high up on the wall. My braces held for the whole time!

      1. @Anonymous: Wow that's great. I don't know what is worse - having your braces pop off and crash to the floor, or your braces stay in tact but you remain hanging on the wall!

        Don't be offended by people pestering you for wearing braces. They are stylish and comfortable.

      2. I never had an experience like this,but I too copped my fair share of ribbing about wearing braces,particularly as I was the only one still wearing shorts with them.

    4. Oh my god, I usually wear suspenders and some of my friends snap them when I "say something wrong". And, like Anonymous, I have been left hanging from a tree, but mines actually broke. The person that most snaps them is probable my cousin, seh is evil. Anyway I still wear them although being fifteen.

      Sorry for my bad English


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