Friday, March 4, 2016

Braces and Suspenders Observations

Have you noticed more people wearing braces? I have. And it’s not just people in one demographic, but young and old, males and females. Here are some styles I observed recently:
  • middle-aged women attending a group birthday party in a restaurant wearing blue jeans and a casual, white shirt. Instead of a belt, she went with clip-on braces
  • older businessman wearing grey pants and a navy blazer. As he was walking down the sidewalk a gust of wind opened his blazer to reveal his braces
  • 20-year old wearing black suspenders with a white dress shirt and black jeans
  • teenage girl wearing a green, knee-length skirt with suspender straps
  • women wearing denim shorts with red suspenders and a plaid shirt
I couldn’t photograph these outfits, so I’ll share what braces I’ve been wearing. This is a pair of Y-back stripped braces with brown leather tabs. The straps have a grey edge trim, with light blue and thin stripes of red, white, navy, and grey.

What braces or suspenders have you been wearing recently?


  1. I did see an older gentlemen was wearing a pair of very bright (need sunglasses) rainbow ones this morning. But that's the first time I've seen anyone except me wearing suspenders in quite a while.

    I'm a daily suspender wearer and cycle through about a dozen pair that I use regularly. Of those maybe 8 of them are solid colored clip-on types, and 4 are striped. I also have some dress type (aka expensive) button on braces for suits that I wear as little as I can possibly get away with, (the suits that is).

    I've got a couple of pair of jeans that I wear some solid colored (tan and blue) button on more casual (aka much cheaper) braces with.

    1. @TheGuyInSuspenders: Thanks for sharing your suspenders and braces collection! They are so much more comfortable than a belt. Enjoy wearing them!

    2. I don't think I've actually worn a belt since I was like 6 so I'm not really sure they are more comfortable, but your welcome.

      A bit of a funny story for you. Very occasionally I don't wear suspenders, yesterday was one of those days; It's been pretty hot here and the jeans I had on were fine without them.

      Not counting the wife and kids I got at least a dozen comments about not wearing them. People at work, the place I go to lunch. The subway ride to work amazed me the most. I've taken the subway to work for the past 5 yrs and no one ever talks, no one makes eye contact, but several "no suspenders today" from people I've never spoken to; it was nuts, you'd think I forgot to put pants on.

      I think suspenders need a warning label put on them. "If used regularly consult your doctor before discontinuing use".

  2. Odd question that’s somewhat on the topic. I was moving some boxes in the garage a couple of nights ago and in one of them was my high school yearbook. Inside the year book were my class pictures from Kindergarten through 12th grade. I was flipping through those pictures and noticed something suspender related that was interesting.
    Kindergarten: 1958, 20 boys, 20 white shirts, 20 dark ties, 18 with suspenders on.
    1st grade, 1959 20 boys standing in two rows in front, girls in two rows in the back. 20 white shirts, 20 dark ties, 14 wearing suspenders.

    2nd grade, 1960 22 boys in front, white shirts, dark ties, 9 wearing suspenders.

    3rd grade 1961 22 boys white shirt, ties, 5 with suspenders.

    4th grade 1962, 21 boys, white shirt/tie, 2 suspender wearers.

    5th grade 1963 19 boys white shirt/tie 1 with suspenders.

    Question: I got curious so I looked at some class pictures on pinterest etc. from that era and saw the same sort of reduction. Why did boys in that era stop wearing suspenders as they grow older?

    1. @Anonymous: thanks for the observations from school yearbook photos. The '60s did see reduction of suspender-wearers. I think children were moving away from what their parents had worn, and reliable, dependable suspenders got dropped.

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