Tuesday, October 20, 2015

National Suspenders Day 2015

Today was National Suspenders Day, or National Braces Day for everyone wearing the button-on variety.

I wore a light grey suit with a white dress shirt and checkered tie. The proudly wore a pair of Y-back Trafalgar braces with inverse-U tabs to support the suit pants. The straps have a grey stripe in the middle and navy trim border, and a burgundy rear strap that accented the white shirt well. The grey strap of the braces mirrors the grey pants and brings the whole outfit together.

You may recall that I've worn these braces in a previous post; I find them very comfortable!

How did you celebrate National Suspenders Day?


  1. Men's Trousers keep up its shape and this implies less support for you. The trousers never look wrinkled or wrinkled. They look as great by the day's end as they shows up when first place on at night.

  2. I was not aware that such a day existed but I will make a note of it for this year.Not that I need a reason to wear braces but this day should be a celebration of braces.Being in Australia and with the weather in October usually pretty good I will most likely be teaming my braces with shorts of some description,complemented with long socks and sandals.On this day everyone should be embracing wearing their braces.


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